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Forbidden Access to Website Resources

When you begin developing a website, I know how frustrating it is to encounter plenty of problems, one of those problems you will inevitably encounter is file permission issue. Moreover, you will encounter diaglog box of messages as follows: ForbiddenYou

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Converting Linked Resources to HTTPS Upon Loading the Document Page Using jQuery

This is just a separate post to modifying linked resources to HTTPS when using DOM. Feel free to comment below;

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Forcing Resources to HTTPS for Better Security via htaccess

If you are running a website be it a personal blog or corporate website, most browsing client like Chrome and Mozilla are requiring you to use a secure web protocol HTTPS. Moreover, Google will be giving priority to those sites

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Enabling FTP in XAMPP

You may wonder how to access web server via FTP when you are running XAMPP client or virtual linux OS running a server stack; well, the guide below may be helpful for you. You have to create FTP user via

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WP get_option: A Practical Guide Save Values to Database

This post will benefit you if you’re creating a plugin or hard-coding a theme that involves of using `get_option` which saves data to the database. If you have plenty of fields or name attributes in the form, this will leave

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Easy Installation Guide for Laravel 5 on Web Host

I spent two days thinking on how I could make Laravel running on Shared Hosting (though I believe this will also work on dedicated server). I am sick of obsolete tutorials found in the internet which gave me no luck.

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Detecting Asynchronous and Universal Syntax in Analytics

Detecting Asynchronous ga.js and Universal Syntax analytics.js of Google Analytics is easy. For any reasons stated below, this article might be helpful. Possible Reasons Why Do You Want to Determine Google Analytics Syntax You want to upgrade your current analytics

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Simple Switch On – Switch Off with Demo in jQuery

When I did an internet search for switch on and switch off logic for my jQuery dependent plugin, I can’t find any suitable ready made source code to use so I decided creating a simple Switch On and Switch Off

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jQuery Responsive: Detecting Mobile Screen’s Width and Height

jQuery is an elegant framework for native Javascript. You can use to improve your website’s UI in a particular window breakpoints, specifically this covers browser’s window width and height by acquiring it using width() and height() functions. Here is a

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Simple Responsive Function in Prototype.js

This article was expanded idea from a previous post entitled Window Resize Function in Prototype.js. The previous function will only work when you resize the window but not on the Page or Window Load. This is hybrid code from two

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