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Preloading Animation Before the Document is Ready

In Responsive Web Design (RWD), you can eventually encounter a messy page structure when loading a page, especially if you a have slow internet connection, though you have a correct CSS adjustment when all resources are fully loaded. Now, there is

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Magic Liquidizer Passes Mobile-Friendly Test of Google Developers

We claim that Magic Liquidizer, a WordPress plugin and a Magento extension, makes non-mobile friendly websites become responsive and most of our clients are happy with the results (please see our testimony section). A couple of days, I receive many

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7 WordPress Plugins for Easy Responsive Web Design

Since many of website owners and webmasters switched to Responsive Web Design (RWD) technology  for building websites and or even transforming existing website to responsive. WordPress Content Management System (CMS) is usually chosen as a framework for establishing websites or

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Magic Liquidizer Responsive Table – RWD You Must Have WP Plugin

responsive table wordpress plugin

Hi Guys! After the release of our premium plugin, I wrote a free WordPress Plugin that could do a trick for Responsive Web Design of your HTML <table> called ‘Magic Liquidizer Responsive Table’, with a description “A simple and lightweight

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How to Easily Make Responsive WordPress Theme?

The information technology world has been innovating, and now it’s growing so fast. People are preferring to use mobile devices for their convenience! Using smart phones, tablets and other electronic devices can make business and other transactions fast, effective and

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Magic Liquidizer – Converts your Website into a Mobile Device Compatible Layout

The instant way to Responsive Web Design RWD which easily upgrades your website into responsive/fluid layout for Smartphones, Tablets, and other mobile screens. It easily converts HTML elements such as images, tables, forms, videos and other web elements into responsive

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Magic Liquidizer for WordPress FAQ

This answers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) addressed from Magic Liquidizer WordPress users. But if you’re still having problems or concerns please contact us, or if you wish us to do the installation  for you, you can pay  installation fee instead upon purchase.

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