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Error Occurred After Magento Extension Installed

There are many factors which causes your Magento Extension to fail during installation. If you were a developer, debugging it is a technical solution to solve this issue. If not, better to consider these common issues.   Identifying possible causes of

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Magic Liquidizer – Instant Responsive Web Design Extension for Magento

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Make Your Magento Website Responsive! This is the easiest solution for your Responsive Web Design (RWD) jobs that’ll transform your existing E-Commerce Magento Website to become adaptable to smartphones, tablets, and other mobile screens. It mechanically converts HTML elements such as images, tables, forms,

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Responsive One Page Checkout Magento Extension

Are you looking for Magento checkout extension that behaves smoothly on mobile devices? Is the native Magento 6 steps checkout annoying for your customer? Are you worried of losing sales because of a crappy module? Are you upset of testing

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How to Call or Create Custom Static Blocks in Magento

In whatever content has your static block has whether it is video, image, text, html, contact form, etc You can call it in your theme or template (.phtml) by inserting this code This code will be printed in your template,

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Magento Resources: Shortcodes, File Paths, and Theme Paths

This list will keep updating, if I miss something, please leave a comment.. Thank you! SKIN URL {{skin url=’images/image1.jpg’}} Media URL {{media url=’/image1.jpg’}} Store URL {{store url=’page.html’}} Base URL {{base url=’website/mypage.html’}} Get Template URL When you edit your .html files,

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Conditional Statement (if-else) on Store View and Website View in Magento

Magento is one of the most powerful e-commerce platform to manage your multiple website or multiple store, yet it has a very complex programming structure. I believe you have successfully setup your multi-store in an only one Magento folder. Sometime

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How to Customize or Add Contact Form in Magento

This article will guide you to add contact form in your Magento contact page. Since many of you are having problems on why your contact form is not working. Just follow this instruction follows: Step 1. Adding a Transactional Email

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Adding New or Multi-Store in Magento using Symlinks or Symbolic Links Part 2

Are you having a problem on creating symbolic links when adding a new store in Magento? Or in whatever purpose, this concept is somehow similar and I think beneficial for your future projects. I assume that you already know how

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