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How to Easily Install Awesome Font Icons into your WordPress

entypo font awesome

Awesome fonts will let you embed social media icons, symbols, shapes, and fonts into WordPress post easily. You don’t need to embed or attached any images, all you have to do is to learn a trick. This article will help

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Install Rich Snippets Breadcrumbs into WordPress

Breadcrumbs function will improve user experience when user navigates your website. Specifically it will show your user the hierarchy of pages from the home page so they will be guided by a dynamic link from a particular page link to

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WordPress Category Link HTML 5 Validation Errors

When I conducted an HTML5 validation check using W3 Validator for our client’s WordPress website, I eventually found this error In HTML5, alt=”rel category tag” attribute is considered as bad value category tag by W3 Validator. So here my solution,

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