Easy Installation Guide for Laravel 5 on Web Host

I spent two days thinking on how I could make Laravel running on Shared Hosting (though I believe this will also work on dedicated server). I am sick of obsolete tutorials found in the internet which gave me no luck.

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Magic Liquidizer Passes Mobile-Friendly Test of Google Developers

We claim that Magic Liquidizer, a WordPress plugin and a Magento extension, makes non-mobile friendly websites become responsive and most of our clients are happy with the results (please see our testimony section). A couple of days, I receive many

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Detecting Asynchronous and Universal Syntax in Analytics

Detecting Asynchronous ga.js and Universal Syntax analytics.js of Google Analytics is easy. For any reasons stated below, this article might be helpful. Possible Reasons Why Do You Want to Determine Google Analytics Syntax You want to upgrade your current analytics

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Magic Liquidizer Responsive Nagivation Bar – Must Have RWD Plugin

Thank you for using this plugin, please go and see the DEMO here.

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Error Occurred After Magento Extension Installed

There are many factors which causes your Magento Extension to fail during installation. If you were a developer, debugging it is a technical solution to solve this issue. If not, better to consider these common issues.   Identifying possible causes of

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Magic Liquidizer – Instant Responsive Web Design Extension for Magento

responsive magento extension

Make Your Magento Website Responsive! This is the easiest solution for your Responsive Web Design (RWD) jobs that’ll transform your existing E-Commerce Magento Website to become adaptable to smartphones, tablets, and other mobile screens. It mechanically converts HTML elements such as images, tables, forms,

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Magic Liquidizer – Instant Responsive Web Design Plugin for WordPress

Magic Liquidizer Wordpress Setup Wizard Screenshot

A simple WordPress plugin that will make your website a Mobile-Friendly! Magic Liquidizer is a complete tool to accomplish your Responsive Web Design (RWD) jobs. The setup is easy by utilizing WordPress Installation Wizard and the pre-configured values will do the magic. Technically this plugin will make HTML elements

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Responsive One Page Checkout Magento Extension

Are you looking for Magento checkout extension that behaves smoothly on mobile devices? Is the native Magento 6 steps checkout annoying for your customer? Are you worried of losing sales because of a crappy module? Are you upset of testing

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Simple Switch On – Switch Off with Demo in jQuery

When I did an internet search for switch on and switch off logic for my jQuery dependent plugin, I can’t find any suitable ready made source code to use so I decided creating a simple Switch On and Switch Off

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jQuery Responsive: Detecting Mobile Screen’s Width and Height

jQuery is an elegant framework for native Javascript. You can use to improve your website’s UI in a particular window breakpoints, specifically this covers browser’s window width and height by acquiring it using width() and height() functions. Here is a

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