Forbidden Access to Website Resources

When you begin developing a website, I know how frustrating it is to encounter plenty of problems, one of those problems you will inevitably encounter is file permission issue. Moreover, you will encounter diaglog box of messages as follows: ForbiddenYou

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Converting Linked Resources to HTTPS Upon Loading the Document Page Using jQuery

This is just a separate post to modifying linked resources to HTTPS when using DOM. Feel free to comment below;

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Forcing Resources to HTTPS for Better Security via htaccess

If you are running a website be it a personal blog or corporate website, most browsing client like Chrome and Mozilla are requiring you to use a secure web protocol HTTPS. Moreover, Google will be giving priority to those sites

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Enabling FTP in XAMPP

You may wonder how to access web server via FTP when you are running XAMPP client or virtual linux OS running a server stack; well, the guide below may be helpful for you. You have to create FTP user via

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Page Loading Effects Welcomes WordPress 5.0

I would like to extend my thanks to thousands of people who are using this plugin. It’s time to update it for security and compatibility sake that will keep your mind at ease. Some users would like to show preloader

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WP get_option: A Practical Guide Save Values to Database

This post will benefit you if you’re creating a plugin or hard-coding a theme that involves of using `get_option` which saves data to the database. If you have plenty of fields or name attributes in the form, this will leave

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Mobile Navigation Menu

= 1.0.0 – 2016-06-25 = * Initial Released Date Soon to be filled

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A Clean Way to Display get_option in WordPress

Getting values from database using WordPress Hook function might be troublesome. You have to create a fallback statement in case unexpected values or output occurs. When you read its official get_option documentation you might come up for the solution of

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Note For Posts

Soon to be written.

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Preloading Animation Before the Document is Ready

In Responsive Web Design (RWD), you can eventually encounter a messy page structure when loading a page, especially if you a have slow internet connection, though you have a correct CSS adjustment when all resources are fully loaded. Now, there is

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